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Why Fluid Trends Marketing?

Establishing an internet presence can be intimidating. We are proud to say we are a melting pot of creative problem solvers with a passion for gadgets, tech, sales, and marketing. Our team specializes in the technology to make your mission stand out on the internet.We believe that your ideas are important, and we want to make sure people are on board with not only what you love, but what you do.

The world of marketing, design, and advertising changes quickly, and unfortunately it is quite common for businesses to get left behind. Based out of the Newport County of Rhode Island, we are creative minds who strive to ensure your business is easily discoverable and a conversation starter.We strive to deliver only the best solutions to your business, with top of the line web design, SEO, online marketing, and WordPress consulting services. As a team, together we establish unlimited solutions for your digital growth.

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The Fluid Trends Marketing Process

Let’s Meet Up

We like first get acquainted and learn more about you and your company’s mission. We’re interested in building a strong relationship with you as a client so you can be proud of the final result. This is where we discuss your branding, project goals, and marketing strategies.

Outline & Planning

After our meeting, we will begin outlining the major milestones involved with completing your project. This step includes putting together a strategic plan which fits with your initial vision and provides you with achievable goals.

Design & Development

The design process begins once the outline is completed. This is where we design and develop the visual elements of the custom project. This is an iterative process until everything aligns with your goals.


Here we test drive your project to ensure the best quality. We consider this step the most important component of the design process as it represents your company, and we stand by your reputation.


This step is the fun part as we present to you your custom project. Once approved, the project turned over to you so you can do what you do best. Launch. Get Discovered. Win.

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